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General conditions of warranty

Warranty covers only the products that were assembled or installed in qualified service and can be validated only if the product is used properly. Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only!
We can’t asume any responsibility for choosing wrong type of product (chain with inapropriate strenght, replacement of a product which is part of a set, use of brake pad that was not offered to the brake disc, etc)
We can’t offer guarantee for parts used for sport or tuning purposes.


The allegedly defective product has to be returned to our warehouse, professionally packaged if possible, attaching the invoice and the proof of installing, which will followed by the official examination. In case of manufacturing defect, and if the product was installed as described and used properly, we will replace it. If the defect is not manufacturing defect, we won’t replace it. Inspection can be done only if the qualified service issued an invoice for the installing. Warranty can’t be offered without it!

Further responsibility for guarantee and warranty of the seller is governed by the rules set out in Civil Code and in Government Decree 117/1991. (IX.10.) and 151/2003. (IX.22).
Warranty covers all the products distributed by us.
Warranty period is 12 months for all of our products.


According to the amendment of Government Decree 151/2003. (IX.22.) on statutory guarantee, the guarantee period is 1 year from the date of purchase, and from the date of installation by the distributor. Batteries are governed by the indications in guarantee. Installation, charging and maintanance of the batteries are to be done as described in guarantee. In case of deep discharging, overcharging or overcurrent, warranty and guarantee can not be offered anymore.

Repurchase, replacement

Returns within 72 hours can be accepted only in the original, intact packaging in the condition of purchase.
We don’t replace any unpacked, defected or installed products!

In case of any problems with the products, further information can be found in Government Decree 151/2003. (IX.22).

In case of any claim please contact:
ms. Tünde Balázs

e-mail: budapest@rmayer.hu
Tel: +36 1 491 0144

Valid from 15.02.2017.
Jozsef Mayer
owner, managing director